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Data Science.
SME Analytics.

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What We Do

Laeceum provides strategic advice to corporates, financial sponsors, fintechs, family offices, and, entrepreneurs in four main areas: Strategy; Advisory;  Data Science and SME Data & Analytics.

We choose our work carefully to ensure lasting impact with clients who see the world the same way we do.

Our model allows us to provide both turnkey packages where speed and budget are key as well as bespoke services where requirements are nuanced.

Who We Are

Laeceum is a fast growing London-based advisory and consulting boutique serving corporates, financial sponsors, fintechs, family offices, and entrepreneurs.

We have a particular interest in all things SME and are known for our deep expertise in banking, asset management and fintech

Laeceum was founded in 2017 and launched in 2018 with a mission to invert the traditional advisory and consulting model and to redress the historical risk/reward mismatch between client and advisor. We believe clients deserve better.

Each Laeceum client and situation is treated as if it were our first. Our impact is lasting and tangible long after we leave. That's why we're confident in a success fee model for everything we do. 

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