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Illuminated Rock

Not a Jack of all Trades

We don't subscribe to the view that you need to be all things to all people. We do however believe that in a select number of instances, there can be a perfect meeting of minds, method and ambition between our clients and ourselves. When this happens, the results speak for themselves.

Blue to Cream Gradient


Corporate Strategy

From conception to implementation, we design, deliver and drive corporate strategy through the client organisation.


Working fully in sync with client teams, we form robust revenue growth plans, cost-out programmes and profitability enhancing initiatives. Our work spans the breadth of the client organisation and we are invasive in our discovery phase to ensure buy-in during implementation. We believe doing is better than telling so spend more time than most on bedding change into client organisations to ensure results live up to expectations.

Good strategy is not the preserve of the boardroom. We bring strategy from the boardroom to the shop floor and make it permeate every level of our client's businesses.

Corporate Development

Sometimes, organic growth cannot deliver the required step-change in performance. Growth through acquisition is a key source of value but must be considered throughout the value chain from 'idea to integration' in a holistic and iterative approach.

Through our Corporate Development capability, we plug a skills gap in client organisations and act as both trusted advisor to the board of directors as well as an  M&A origination, execution and integration task-force. Uniquely, we incorporate key elements of our integration best practice playbook into our origination efforts to minimise 'tissue rejection' post-closing. 

Strategic R&A

Sometimes just good old fashioned desk-based research is all that's needed. Be it to refresh an existing body of market or competitor analysis, to validate  an emerging hypothesis or to assess new market entry viability and attractiveness.

Our reports are insightful and user-friendly with detailed appendices and a pithy executive summary


We offer buy-side, sell side and M&A support services.

We know that many situations are often overlooked by conventional advisors because the 'fee opportunity' is not considered large enough. As an owner-managed business, Laeceum appreciate the subtle challenges often faced by smaller firms, family offices and entrepreneurs when trying to find an ideal M&A partner.

Our sell-side support assists firms looking to realise a full or partial exit and our privileged network and access means that we transact with buyers that operate below the radar. For acquirers, our buy-side support accelerates the diligence, structuring, negotiation and completion phases with hands-on support at the coal-face.

SME Data & Analytics

Working in strategic partnership with a global powerhouse in data analytics, business intelligence and credit, we are constantly developing novel applications for industry-leading data assets. Our bespoke solutions help clients rapidly and robustly identify high potential customers, augment their internal credit and underwriting processes, and, develop cutting edge market and competitor intelligence to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Each application is built bottom-up and in close partnership with our clients to ensure maximum relevance and impact from day 1.

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