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Refreshingly Different

We are not generalists and choose our engagements carefully based on the longevity and speed of impact we can deliver to our clients. Our six principles drive everything we do from the minutest level of financial analysis to presenting our recommendations in the boardroom. Our clients are treated with care and respect and we want to earn the same back. Until then, we will move mountains to get the job done.

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It's All in the Genes

Well almost. The point is that instinct, tenacity and pragmatism cannot easily be taught. The technology era has dulled our senses.

The Laeceum team comprises time-served former CEOs, COOs, management consultants, bankers and data scientists. What they share in common is an insatiable hunger for discovery, a fearful conviction in their views, real-world experience and an action-bias.


Working with us won't be to everyone's taste. But if you like what you've read so far, then please read on. We want to work with you.

Our Principles

Our principles underpin our approach, method and way of working. Judge for yourself if we're the kind of people you want to work with. We hope so.

  • The client's best interests govern every action no matter how seemingly trivial

  • Transparency and honesty at every step of the way even if it reveals unpalatable truths

  • Dissent drives better analysis which drives better decisions

  • Embrace collegiality and teamwork as a  catalyst for change and innovation

  • Question everything as long as it's the right question

  • Temper intellectual curiosity with real-world pragmatism

The Method

Conventional methods produce conventional results. We don't like conventions and that's why we've developed our own way of doing things.

We combine best practices from the management consulting, corporate finance, and legal disciplines. We openly lean in on methodologies proven in non-adjacent industries such as retail, utilities and telco. We develop proprietary content for each client that we gladly hand over at the end of the engagement; be it models, tools, presentations, reports and interview transcripts.

We approach each client and engagement with a clean slate so it stands to reason that what's built during that process remains with its rightful owners.

Our Promise

We are inherently sceptical about the value proposition of the classic client/advisor relationship . We know because everyone at Laeceum has been both advisor and client during their professional careers.

For this reason, we only allow our clients to pay us once they are unreservedly happy.

Our promise means that Laeceum bears all the risk until the end of the engagement. This ensures everyone's interests are fully aligned and by keeping our skin in the game, our clients can rest assured that we will always do the right thing by them.

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