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What's Up?

If you've read this far then the chances are that we have piqued your curiosity.


Our Year End Reviews will give you a little glimpse into the inner machinations of what we do and how we deliver impact for our clients.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed doing the work.

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2022 Year End Review


The lion goes from strength to strength as they say.


It's been an immense year for the Laeceum team as we continue to forge ahead supporting our growing roster of loyal clients as well as those that have heard good things about us and are actively wanting us to work with them. It's taken five years (nice try to thwart our plans Global Pandemic but unlucky) to get to the point where the phone rings but we made it and we made it in style.

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2021 Year End Review

Time flies...

With all that is going on around us, you could have been forgiven if you did not expect to see another Year End Review. Well, surprise, here we are.

Words alone will struggle to convey the year we have had and but hopefully the attached will give you a sense of what we have achieved with our clients this year and why we are very optimistic for 2022.

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2020 Year End Review

Well what a year that was.

Our third year was one that we are unlikely to forget for some time. Like most, this was a year of many firsts for us. Our first sell-side advisory mandate, our first C-level hire, and, our first time working with the tenacious and determined CEO of an aspirant digital challenger bank.

2020 has been a remarkable display of resolve, determination and creativity amongst those that we have had the privilege to work for and from a team that continues to defy all expectations.

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2019 Year End Review

Against a challenging backdrop, things at Laeceum have been progressing at break-neck speed since January.


We opened the year with an innovative MBO-style advisory mandate. Working with the ambitious management team of a market leading and profitable data & analytics business, we structured a number of potential exit options, challenged the business plan and refined the pitch. We then developed and executed a bespoke sales process having long-listed and pre-qualified over 10 potential investors drawn from private equity, venture capital and corporate worlds.

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2018 Year End Review

In all fairness, we are probably one year late with this given that Laeceum existed albeit in embryonic form well before incorporation in January this year.

Whilst many of us have become habitually accustomed to brevity bordering on curtness in our daily correspondence, this short letter may meander, duck and dive much in the same way that Laeceum has in its first calendar year of operation.

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